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Financial oversight with skilled controlling professionals 

Controllers take on many important tasks within your company’s financial department. These tasks may include analysing and preparing financial statements, overseeing and planning budgeting, undertaking cost accounting and taking responsibility for ensuring tax compliance. Experienced controllers also often play a supervisory role to subordinates in the accounting department and report their findings directly to the CFO or other high level executives. In addition, controllers sometimes have specialised knowledge and areas of specialisation, such as financial controllers and business controllers.

Controlling professionals at work in your business  

Controllers have many key responsibilities in business areas such as management, company transactions, financial reporting and compliance. We have seen our controllers be placed in positions where they fulfilled tasks like ensuring payroll is processed in a timely manner, managing annual budget and forecasts and complying with tax reporting requirements.

Your controller can be placed in your company as you see best for as long as need. Many of our professionals also have a particular focus and area of expertise—for example, project controllers or tax controllers—as well as industry specific knowledge.

The benefits of hiring a controlling professional

Today, many business benefit from the knowledge brought in by consultants and, in our opinion, this trend will increase in the future. Many of the best candidates in the talent landscape may prefer the flexibility contract work offers. However, this creates a win-win situation for companies as well, since these professionals bring with them the experience and insight they gained at other organisations.

Our controllers can be placed in your business, either in a remote position or on-site, within a matter of days. If you would like us to match you with a top candidate with very attractive rates, please contact us for a free offer. Once we have a detailed understanding of your needs, we will identify the right controller and send you the CV and hourly rates of the most suitable candidate, all at no cost to you. Until you decide to hire a controller from our network, we won’t charge you for any of our services.

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