Tax controller

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Specialised tax knowledge provided by a tax controller

A tax controller specialises in tax compliance and reporting obligations, including both direct and indirect tax obligations. A good tax controller has extensive experience in tax reporting and a proven track record in either public or tax accounting. In addition, they are responsible for evaluating, monitoring and improving your company’s tax processes. They also work closely with other finance team members to assist in financial analysis as well as tax forecasting and reporting.

A tax controller at work in your organisation

In our experience, companies sometimes require an experienced tax controller to bring in their specialised expertise in tax matters. Although these professionals often have training similar to a financial controller, we have seen them take on a more specific tax-related role, concentrating on such tasks as:

  • industry specific tax compliance and reporting obligations
  • provide accuracy and transparency in all aspects of tax reporting
  • oversee tax audits for a specific organisation and its affliates
  • when necessary, have a comprehensive understanding of the difference between US GAAP and IFRS requirements

If you are looking for a controller with more general financial controlling experience, please click here for our financial controller page.

Why hire a tax controller?

Hiring a tax controller can be a wise decision if your organisation has specific tax reporting obligations, for instance, international affiliates required to follow different tax accounting standards. Since our tax controllers have worked in a variety of industries, we have often seen our clients benefit from the knowledge they acquired while working for other organisations.

We would be happy to provide a tax controller to work either remotely or on-site at your organisation who can start working as soon as needed. Give us a detailed description of your company’s needs, and we will match you with a suitable candidate offering attractive rates.

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