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ITIL – meaningless buzzword or the key to successful IT

In Right People Group we know the theoretical framework very well and we know precisely which ITIL contractors can make a distinctive positive difference for your company.

Our general attitude is that ITIL is not the silver bullet, but it is a solid foundation, which can help secure, that your IT organizations processes are streamlined and runs optimally. It is a long process, which not only demands theoretical understanding, but mostly very skilled persons with much practical experience.

It is of vital importance not to scope an ITIL project too big at the beginning. It is important, that you start with those processes, which creates the biggest business value and make sure that these processes are a success. When it is noticed in the organization, what a difference this has made, then there will much more willingness to for change, and this is a key element in securing the success of the more complex processes.

ITIL experts for your project

We deliver ITIL specialists who either are ITIL Foundation or ITIL Expert certified, but the certifications are actually only a small element in our full assessment. The most important thing is that we believe in the person, and that the person have had a lot of practical experience and a well-documented record of accomplishment of successful ITIL projects.

The typical types of projects, where we can offer an experienced ITIL expert, is:

  • Establishing an ITIL Service desk
  • Optimize the ITIL Service desk processes
  • Establishing or expand CMDB
  • Establishing ITIL incident, problem and change processes
  • Expert-review of existing ITIL processes
  • Development of the ServiceNow platform
  • Development of the Remedy Platform

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