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Avoid the common development errors

EPiServer is a good framework built on Microsoft .NET technologies for fast and smart content management. It is recommended however, to have an EPiServer expert to develop the system so to avoid common mistakes that can occur if an inexperienced person is in charge of the work. For example, memory leaks appear on EPiServer sites when static event handlers are connected to dynamic content. Furthermore, the database will be overloaded if it is hit by each request. A more general pitfall is to develop EPiServer functionalities without considering the effectiveness of day-to-day tasks of the editor.

A EPiServer developer can help you

If your company lacks a skilled EPiServer developer and needs one in a hurry, then we can help you in this process. We will find a talented EPiServer developer with extensive knowledge and experience in EPiServer 7 or earlier versions. Simply contact us at Right People Group, tell us about your specific needs and we will give you a quote for a EPiServer developer immediately – and without charge!