Onsiter - External Workforce Platform

Onsiter can support you in the full procurement process with an easy-to-use external workforce platform that gives you maximum market reach and complete control over all your consultant requests – before, during, and after the project is done. Entirely for free.

We built the platform to support organizations of all sizes in being excellent in sourcing external workforce. It works as a VMS (Vendor Management System), allowing you to engage in contractual relationships with your vendors. To know more about the conceptual model that we built the platform around, you can investigate our “Excellence in Consultant Sourcing” Model.

The main features

Book a demo directly in our calendar

We would love to show you our product and see how the platform could benefit your organization. Book a demo with our team directly through the calendar link below. Alternatively, you can write to us at vms@rightpeoplegroup.com or call us directly at 0045 26130316.

"The Vendor Universe" - an easy search engine to find consulting companies across Europe

The Vendor Universe is a unique feature in the external workforce platform that lets you explore and contact vendors in the IT and Management consultant market across Europe.

The vendor universe is a “mini search engine” for all consultant companies. It’s easy to search and filter among the consultant companies, and with a single click, you can include any company from your search result and send them your consultant request. The vendors then bid in their consultants using the platform, and you will receive it in a ranked list along with the suggested consultants from your preferred suppliers. You can make direct contracts with any vendors you find using the vendor universe, and there are no fees or costs to use it.

Why is the external workforce platform free?

Our company vision is to enable organizations to be excellent in using the external workforce and Onsiter is a key ingredient in that. 

We have made a strategic decision to invest in building powerful software for organizations that are using the external workforce. Our business model is based on the fact that organizations use our platform, and by that, we also become a vendor if we can supply you with the best matching consultant for a given request. When you send a consultant request, Right People Group can bid consultants in equal competition with all other vendors on the market. However, you are never required to select a consultant from us and our recruiters have no insight into other vendors’ offers.