VMS For Contractor Sourcing

Onsiter VMS is a vendor management system that supports all aspects of sourcing external contractors across your organization.

The platform allows you to engage in direct contractual relationships with all vendors and it is completely free to use.

Key functionality for Onsiter VMS

Onsiter VMS is built to support organizations in being excellent in sourcing external workforce. To know more about the conceptual model that the platform is built around, you can investigate our “Excellence in Consultant Sourcing” Model. 

The key functionality for Onsiter VMS is:

Preferred suppliers:
Easily create and group all your preferred suppliers of external workforce.

Create and send out a request and receive contractors from suppliers in a sorted and easy-to-overview format.

Market Place:
Publish your requests on Onsiter Market Place to get offers from all relevant contractors on the platform (this is optional).

Vendor Universe:
Use the “Vendor Universe” to easily search among all relevant consultant companies in Europe and contact them with a single click.

Fast 1-click negotiation of price with all vendors that have made an offer for your request.

Digital Signature:
Upload your contract templates and easily hire the contractor using your contract template and sign the contract with digital signature.

Onboarding / offboarding:
Control your onboarding and offboarding using checklists with features to automate steps and customize to different parts of your organization.

Time Sheets:
Set up for each contract who should receive and approve timesheets.

Self-billing is supported to minimize administration of handling invoices and payments.

Multiple Roles:
Roles and responsibilities to let you easily control who has which accesses and authorities.

Quality Rating:
Ability to quality rate consultants and aggregate quality data on vendor level to compare e.g. quality and prices.

Fast Flows:
Our VMS is built to make it’s users love it. All core flows in the VMS are designed to be easy-to-use and super fast.

Report generator to let you build the reports you want, together with a large number of standard reports to let you slice and dize all data about your contractors.

What is the “Vendor Universe”?

The Vendor Universe is a unique feature in Onsiter VMS that easily lets you explore and contact vendors in the IT and Management consultant market in Europe.

The vendor universe is basically a “mini search engine” for all consultant companies. It’s easy to search and filter among the consultant companies, and with a single click, you can include any company from your search result and send them your request.

The contacted vendors then bid in their contractors using the platform, and you as a customer receives it in an ranked and easy-to-overview list along with the suggested contractors from your preferred suppliers. 

You can make direct contracts with any vendors you find using the vendor universe and there are no fees or costs to use it.

Why is Onsiter VMS free?

Our company vision is to enable organizations to be excellent in using the external workforce and the VMS is a key ingredient in that. 

We have made a strategic decision to invest in building valuable software instead of investing in expensive B2B salespeople.

When you are using Onsiter VMS, Right People Group can also bid in our contractors to any request in equal competition with all other vendors in the market. It is our business model that organizations use the VMS and Right People Group becomes a vendor if we supply the best matching contractor for a given request.

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