The all-in-one vendor management system for your external workforce

From finding your expert to invoicing, to offboarding, the Onsiter VMS makes the entire process of finding and managing your contingent workforce simple and effortless. For FREE.


Create an account, get your experts, and automate your external management workflow on a straightforward and simple platform.


Connect with tens of thousands of experts from the Onsiter marketplace and the network of external staffing suppliers across Europe.


Access all features and tools at no cost, no hidden fees. Sounds like a trap but it isn’t. Try it now, or book a demo with us.


All the benefits, none of the cost.

Finding the right expertise to get the job done is crucial for achieving business goals, but so is managing the entire procurement process. The Onsiter Vendor Management System gives you access to the widest network of independent contractors possible so that you can find your expert fast. Then it lets you have total visibility and control over managing your external workforce. All for free.

Thousands of experts within your reach

With the Onsiter VMS, you’ll find your ideal expert quickly. Onsiter is connected to more than 20,000 independent contractors from its marketplace and from our Vendor Universe, which is a network of consulting firms across Europe. This feature makes it highly likely that you’ll find the exact expert you need.

Full visibility of performance and costs

Fill roles with higher-quality workers much more quickly. The Onsiter VMS shows you contractor history and availability, timesheets, expenses, and KPIs, so that you can make profitable decisions at a glance.  

Automated workflow

Save time and energy on manual administration tasks and enjoy automated price negotiations, digital contracts, invoicing, onboarding and offboarding templates, and more. Just customize, set up, and you’re good to go.

Tools to help you reduce spend

Build reports to track contractor budgets to actual spending. The Onsiter VMS reporting tools give you greater control over your contingent workforce program by helping you make optimal financial and operational decisions.

Configurable features and user access settings

The Onsiter vendor management system has a ton of features, but not everyone on your team will need them all. Configure features and user access settings to fit your needs.

2 ways to get started with the Onsiter VMS​

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Onsiter VMS FAQs

What is the Vendor Universe?

The Vendor Universe is a unique feature in the Onsiter Vendor Management System that lets you browse through and contact independent contractors in the IT and Management sectors across Europe.

The Vendor Universe is a “mini search engine” for finding experts within consulting firms. You’ll be able to search and filter according to your talent needs. Then you can select your preferred companies from the search results and send them your contractor request.

The consulting firms will then post their contractors via the Onsiter VMS. They will show up on a ranked list, along with other suggested contractors. You can make direct contracts with any vendor you find using the Vendor Universe, without any fee or cost.

Why is the Onsiter VMS free to use?

Our company vision is to enable organizations to be excellent in using the external workforce — the Onsiter Vendor Management System is a key ingredient. It is part of a strategic decision to invest in building powerful software for organizations that are using an extended workforce.

Full disclosure: when you post a project in order to find the expert you need on the Onsiter VMS, Right People Group can bid independent contractors in equal competition with all other independent contractors in the network. We do this to help you get the best candidates for the roles you need.

Be assured that our team has no insight into the offers from the other vendors within our network and that there is no obligation to select an independent contractor from us.

Need help sourcing and managing contingent workers?

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