Business controller

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Cross functional advising with a professional business controller

A business controller oversees the financial as well as business operations of your organisation. A good business controller is involved in both the business and commercial activities and can offer key support to your company’s CEO. They also have a strong background in analysis and a future oriented mindset.

What a business controller will bring to your company

A business controller can perform many different tasks within your company. These skilled professionals often function in a “business partner” role, providing expert anaylsis and support to your company’s CEO as well as financial department.

We have seen our business controllers successfully serve many functions, such as creating solid and effective business plans, designing and measuring both financial and operational KPIs, advising on budget creation, performing key financial analysis and reporting financial findings to executive and financial staff. The companies we have worked with have benefited from the shrewd analysis and teamwork capabilities of the business controllers in our network.

Reasons to hire a contractor business controller 

A business controller can provide key insight and analysis on both your company’s financial matters, like evaluating budget and setting sustainable financial goals as well as business leadership. If you need a skilled professional, we have many top contractors we can quickly place in your company.

Since business controllers often work in a “consultant-like” capacity, we have seen our clients make good use of expertise our business controllers. Our professionals offer strategic, analytical advising which is results driven. The companies who have chosen to work with one of our business controllers have often come away with creative and innovative financial solutions that had a lasting impact within their organisation.

We can provide a business controller who serves a role or function best suited to your current or future business needs. Our highly skilled experts can work either on-site in your business or in a remote capacity and can start working within days. Please feel free to contact us with a detailed description of your requirements and we will promptly get back to you with a free offer.

Thanks to our no-cure, no-pay policy, our services are absolutely free of charge. Unless you choose to take on one of  our business controller consultants, you will not be charged. Let us work hard to find the best suitable candidate at a fair price so you can get back to what you do best.