Financial Controller

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Strategic insights with the aid of professional financial controlling

Financial controlling allows your company to systematically and objectively evaluate previously established strategic and operational lines. A good financial controller provides the management team with useful analysis and insights to take the right decisions in terms of securing a future-oriented, viable company. Therefore, the value and impact of this area of controlling reaches far beyond the financial structure itself.

Your financial controller in action

A financial controller keeps your finances on track and can undertake all aspects of financial management, including corporate accounting, financial and regulatory reporting and budget and forecasts preparation.

The job requires an understanding of GAAP, IFRS, SOX and tax norms as well as ensured compliance. We often see our financial controllers run reports and controls on accounts payable and receivable, take responsiblity for assessing and improving business financing and consolidating reports from all divisions and department within the company. Financial controllers can also manage an external audit and conduct statutory reporting, including to stockholders. Clearly, a financial controller works closely with the financial systems within a company. Our customers appreciate that they can benefit from a financial controller who comes equipped with in-depth knowledge of their systems.

The advantages of a financial controller

A financial controller ensures accurate and timely reporting, which is crucial to keeping your business on track. If you need assistance in this regard, we can have a qualified financial controller start working at your company within days.

Another important aspect is the development of internal control policies and procedures. Here, clients often find a financial controller better qualified to assist them, since they bring a non-biased viewpoint into the organisation. In addition, our external financial controllers contribute their experience from various similar companies and allow you to benefit from the insights they have gained.

It is entirely up to you which financial controlling tasks your financial controller should assist you with. Depending on your specific needs, we will find the most suitable candidate. Let us know your requirements and objectives as well as the programmes and tasks your financial controller should be familiar with, and we will quickly get back to you with a free offer.