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Are you also planning a cloud project an need a cloud solution specialist to advice you and implement the ideal cloud solution? Then getting assistance from independent cloud expert could be the ideal way forward. If you provide us with information about your project or requirements, we will quickly send you CVs of relevant cloud solution specialists that can start working on your project with short notice.

Many organizations and especially SMEs are moving to the cloud, meaning they in cooperation with a cloud specialist enable access to data and applications through the internet instead of downloading it to physical computers. No surprise! Cloud computing does offer a lot of benefits, for example, higher efficiency, increased agility to meet business demands, the ability to work from anywhere as well as improved security (even if a machine breaks, data is not lost). Two common cloud platforms are:

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Have you decided that it is time to move your organization’s data and applications to the cloud? Do you need a Cloud solution specialist for a related project? Then contact us today, tell us about your project requirements and we will give you a free offer on the most suitable and experienced Cloud specialist. So, you will get the expertise you need right away and for a low hourly rate!

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