Internal Control Manager

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Operational effectiveness and ensured compliance with an internal control manager

An internal control manager is in charge of developing important policies and procedures regarding a company’s current financial and controlling processes. In addition, they oversee implementation and monitor and ensure compliance. Their task is to help companies identify and steer clear of any potentially illegal or unethical activities that may ultimately have consequences. These professionals are often highly skilled and experienced in legal compliance, auditing, accounting and general management.

An internal control manager in your organisation  

An internal control manager can be a key player in your organisation in terms of developing and improving accounting, auditing and compliance procedures. Our professional internal control managers have helped companies review their existing financial controls as well as legal compliance processes and assisted them in making changes and adjustments when necessary.

Our internal control managers have experience with SOX compliance as well as other controls implementations. We have seen our clients benefit from the experience our professionals have with internal audits and reviews, which helped ensure greater overall compliance further down the road.

The advantages of a internal control manager 

An internal control manager can assist you with many important tasks such as compliance and internal audit procedures, liasing with external bodies, such as auditing agencies, and developing and implementing staff training to effectively fill compliance. If you need the support of a internal control manager, we can place a qualified contractor in your company within a few days.

Correct compliance is an absolute necessity for every business. Many of our clients have come away with more efficient and reliable reporting procedures after working with one of our contractors, which has helped build long-term stability and growth potential in their organisations. We pre-screen all our candidates, selecting only the most qualified and experienced to welcome within our network of contractors. In addition, we ensure attractive rates.

Please get in touch with us about your current needs and we will get back to you quickly with a free offer, introducing one of our top internal control managers. Since we follow a no-cure, no-pay policy, our services are without charge until you decide to hire through us.