Backend developer

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Successful interchange between server and users

A backend developer is responsible for developing server-side logic and integrating front-end applications. A good backend developer combines solid backend development experience with an understanding of the entire development life-cycle.

A backend developer in your company

A backend developer is key to ensuring your backend development needs are successfully managed. If you need a backend developer to take on a role in your company, we have many experienced consultants in our network who can start right away. We have profiles experienced within all major technologies and frameworks and will find a perfect match for your project.

Our backend developers have helped many companies with such tasks as:

  • using server-side logic to integrate user-facing elements built by front-end developers
  • optimizing applications for best possible speed and scalability
  • building reusable code and libraries
  • ensuring well-designed, readable and well-tested software
  • troubleshooting and offering effective solutions to issues
  • implementing and designing data storage solutions
  • setting up effective security and data protection
  • integrating multiple data sources and databases into a single system

All our back-end developers have solid knowledge of one or more back-end programming languages as well as a basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms. When needed, we would be happy to provide a back-end developer with specialized IT or industry knowledge.

Reasons to hire an independent backend developer

Many of today’s top IT talents are working as contractors or independent consultants, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. Our backend developers enjoy the challenge of covering the backend development needs for different businesses and projects, and, hence, your company will benefit from the experience they bring to their position.

We carefully pre-screen each contractor backend developer before adding them to our network, therefore you can be sure you will receive an experienced contractor who offers their services at attractive rates.

Please let us know about your current requirements and we will promptly send you a free offer. Because our policy is strictly no-cure, no-pay, you are welcome to select from our network of contractor backend developers for no up-front fee.