.NET Core developer

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Expert development support

A .NET Core developer has solid experience in design and development using the Microsoft .NET framework. A good .NET Core developer is a skilled multi tasker adept at working within a complex environment, both independently as well as in collaboration with others.

A .NET Core developer in your company

A .NET Core developer helps companies who require professional assistance with .NET Core as well as other aspects of the .NET framework. The new .NET Core is focused on delivering console-based server applications and it offers developers tools to build and run applications on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Especially if you’re targeting cloud and mobile and thinking of cross-platform development, you will benefit from the combination of .Net Core and the .Net standard libraries.

If your organisation is looking for a .NET Core developer, we have many skilled professionals in our network who can be hired on a contract basis and start right away.

Our .NET Core developers have carried out many key tasks for companies such as:

  • designing, developing, and coding web applications
  • overseeing continuous integration, unit testing, and configuration
  • developing and deploying .NET Core applications
  • troubleshooting and debugging
  • assisting and collaborating with other developers and IT staff

In addition to .NET Core expertise, our contract professionals have extensive experience with additional .NET framework components, such as ASP.NET MVC and MSSQL and are skilled with C#. When needed, we can also provide a .NET Core developer with additional IT skills or industry-specific knowledge.

Reasons to hire a contract .NET Core developer

As we have seen, hiring IT specialists on a contract basis makes sound business sense for many companies. Our clients have brought in contract professionals when they needed extra support for their development team or a specialised background and skill set to enhance the knowledge of their permanent staff.

We carefully select each contract .NET Core developer in our network, which means you’re sure to receive an experienced professional who will deliver successfully from the start. When choosing to work with our contract experts, you are granted the freedom to specify the start date, what tasks to assign, as well as how long you would like them to remain in your company.

Please get in touch with a description of your current needs. We will then promptly send you a free offer for the contract .NET Core developers in our network best suited to the task at hand. Since we choose to follow a strict no-cure, no-pay policy, you are welcome to browse among the contract professionals in our network at no initial cost to your company.