References from consultants

My collaboration with Right People Group goes way back, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. They are very flexible in their approach and are extremely competent at understanding what the specific task entails from the customer’s point of view.
They are not merely going in for the quick and easy sale; their expertise makes them great representatives with whom any contractor would want to partner.
Rene Matthiassen, network architect
For me, Right People Group has been an important contact for new tasks. They know what areas I prefer to work in and where I really can deliver quality work.
I think it’s great that they have high expectations, and I’m thrilled to be on their list of consultants.
Kasper Neist, Specialist in frontend development
They are a trusted business partner for me. We have a common understanding of what it takes to create success with a customer, and they have an in-depth understanding of both IT and business ( … ) .
Since they have both an honest and transparent business model, you can truly trust working for Right People Group is the right decision to make.
Claus Jørgensen, management consultant and IT project manager