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Augmented Reality is here

AR Experts help companies with their AR projects. A good AR Expert is an excellent co-worker who understands the company’s business and who is an expert in his field.

Utilizing augmented reality is growing very rapidly in many areas. The reason for the strong growth is the potential for utilizing AR in industries such as the technology industry, education, and the game industry.

AR Experts in your project

AR Experts come handy in companies that are developing AR programs. If your company needs help with AR programming, we have AR consultants in our network who can start right away remotely or onsite with you.

Our AR Experts have mastered programming languages such as C#, C and C++.  We also have AR Experts in our network who have a solid understanding of AR and game development.

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Right People Group is a consultancy that has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to organizations for over ten years. In other words, we deliver consultants to companies across Europe. Our seasoned professionals can either work onsite at your company or in a remote capacity on projects of any size and duration.

At Right People Group, we have many returning customers because, above all, we are very concerned about delivering professional consultants at a competitive price in a fast and efficient way. Part of our success is due to our unique organizational model: One single consultant manager oversees all parts of a project, from clarifying your needs, to running the entire recruitment process, as well as handling all contractual details and questions that may arise at any time during the process. This means no information is lost in the hand-over. In addition, we match both the hard and soft skills that are essential to a project team.

If you need an AR Expert for your project, please get in touch to see what specific profiles we can offer at no obligation.