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Get an expert to implement your tender

To run a tender process can be a large and very demanding process, where it is important to, not only comply with the official guidelines, but also to create the perfect solution for the organization.

There exists a steep learning curve in order to run this tender process smoothly. That is why it can be valuable to hire a expert in tender consulting in order to assist or run the process.

It is our experience that it can be very demanding and complicated to run a tender consulting process, no matter if it is concerning IT or another domain branch. We have had great success in using technically skilled contractors within software development who also has great experience in implementing tender consulting.

Expert in tender consulting

We are in contact with experts who has a lot of experience within tender consulting from traditional consultant bureaus and who afterwards have gone contractor in order to assist customers with tender processes.

The typical tasks we solve are:

– Counseling regarding implementing tenders

– Preparation of tender offers

– Project management of tender processes

– Implementing diverse tender offers

If you can see a need in your company then contact us now and we can discuss the contract market of tender consulting, based on our experience. Afterwards we can give you a free and noncommittal offer on the right expert in tender consulting for your assignment, and the hourly rate.