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Empowering all-encompassing functionalities

Systems integration is about creating a customized information and communication solution by linking together hardware and software components to form and act as a whole system. The interaction of the different subsystems also empowers additional capabilities, thereby adding value to the system. We see that systems integration is a key challenge for our customers and that there is huge potential in this area. There are four different methods of systems integration:

– Horizontal integration

– Vertical integration

– Star integration (also referred to as ”Spaghetti” integration)

– Common data format

Contractors with broad skills and knowledge

Just like systems integration itself, the status of a systems integrator or systems integration engineer is also gaining in importance. The knowledge and skills required for successful systems integration are broad rather than in-depth. Additionally, a systems integration consultant needs to be able to apply project management methods in the process and finally, train the users, if necessary. When you contact us, we will evaluate your specific requirements and find the ideal contractor for your system integration. Contact us today!

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