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Expert for IT-Strategy

We do not believe that as a customer you should be able to walk into the nearest consultant company and buy a complete IT-strategy, which can then be implemented right away. A company has to be more involved and make sure that the most important key persons, already during the creation of the IT-strategy, are involved and take responsibility for the assignment.

To support this process you can with great success buy expert counseling and assistance in connection to the actual creation of the IT-strategy. It is possible to get help from persons who have a lot of experience as consultant on IT-strategy processes from many different customers, and even get help from persons with experience as IT-manager/CIO.

Our IT-strategy-consultants typically have this experience as an IT-management-consultant within strategy-counseling or as a former CIO.

They will bring new ideas and inspiration, challenge you on your own ideas and visions, and help secure a successful implementation.

IT-strategy experts

The typical areas of IT-strategy, where we can help, are:

– Creation of an IT-strategy

– Implementation of an IT-strategy

– CIO-coaching

– Counseling regarding creation of an IT-organization

– Benchmark of your company’s IT-solution and –strategy regarding best practice

We will always fit the counseling to your company and your specific situation, and then offer you the right contractor to solve the assignment.