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Mainframes – They keep on running

Mainframes sometimes referred to as “Big Iron”, are a high-performance computers very commonly used in finance/banking as well as in the government. Being able to run for years without interruption, mainframes are characterized by reliability, availability and serviceability. Mainframes are designed to handle very high volume input and output and one single mainframe can replace hundreds of smaller servers. Despite predictions of the early 90s saying that the last mainframe would be unplugged in 1996, they are still essential to enable large-scale processes. Mainframes have in fact even gained significance with the e-business development and mainframe experts continue to be in demand.

Need a mainframe expert?

If your organization is based on a mainframe, you might need an expert to develop, maintain or secure it. Mainframes can support both old and new applications which allows you to adopt new technologies, e.g. for mobile and web, without giving up on your existing tools. It is well-known that the generation of mainframe experts is growing old and that universities have neglected to educate sufficient new mainframe talents simply because the technology was doomed to belong to the last century. But don’t panic, there are still good mainframe experts out in the freelance market and if you have a mainframe-related project and are looking for mainframe experts, then contact us directly and tell us what you require from a candidate.

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