How we collaborate with consultants

We know collaboration with contractors is the essence of our company. To build lasting relationships with the best consultants in the industry, we strive for open and honest communication at all times.

At Right People Group, we believe quality, freedom, and flexibility go hand in hand. Our company is structured in a way which enables us to always pick the best consultant for our customers in terms of both quality and price. But this goes both ways: our consultants are also free to either accept or decline offers from us and can choose those which fit well with their schedule and/or projects they are working on for other companies. 

Although we do not have any permanent, full-time employees, we still strive to build lasting relationships. We want to work with consultants who are the best in their field and, once we’ve found them, are looking to establish a great working relationship. Many of our top consultants have worked with us on several occasions, which makes us proud. It’s our business to keep our highly skilled consultants busy and our customers happy in the process.

Read what other consultants say about Right People Group: 


If you believe you’re the right one for the job, feel free to bid for specific assignments—even if we haven’t yet worked together. You can see our open assignments here:

To make sure you’re always up-to-date with our latest offers, sign up with us and we’ll send you our open assignments as soon as they’re published. Just select the relevant categories and you’ll be informed immediately when a new assignment comes in.