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ESDH can streamline your company’s processes

The term ESDH originates from the public sector’s categorization of cases and documents, but today ESDH is becoming more and more relevant in the private sector too.

Today we see ESDH systems that have become extremely diverse (they are often called another name than ESDH), and by using the standard functions of the various tools, one can accomplish a lot.

However, we are also seeing a rising need for companies to develop certain integrations and even adapting a specific tool for specific processes. This is where the contract market can be very useful in order to deliver a skilled ESDH specialist to cover your specific needs.

ESDH experts

Our ESDH consultants are relevant if your company are about to choose between a concrete solutions and are in need of an independent counselor to help you making a qualified decision. We can deliver consultants who has a wide knowledge of all the different ESDH-solutions and experience with implementing ESDH. This makes them capable of guiding you as to what your company should be aware of in order for your project becoming a success.

We can also provide you with ESDH-developers and other technical ESDH specialists, and we work primarily within the following ESDH platforms:

– Acadre

– Workzone

– Public 360

No matter what your ESDH needs are, you should contact us. We can give you a free and noncommittal offer on an expert, who we believe, is the right match for your project.