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Meet our new head of bid management, Anders Løvgreen

We’re excited to introduce Anders Løvgreen, our new Head of Bid Management.

With over 20 years in the commercial sector and a knack for winning big deals, Anders is set to bring fresh strategies and insights to Right People Group. From his time at Nordic temp agency, Moment, to his competitive spirit, get ready to learn how Anders plans to drive success in his new role at Right People Group.

Let’s meet Anders!

Now that you’re part of the Right People Group family, could you share with us your professional journey? What specifically drew you to the role of Head of Bid Management at Right People Group?

I’ve held a lot of different roles within the commercial space for the past 15-20 years. From those, I’ve gathered that the rather long-winded process of bidding for tenders and setting up long term client relations through framework agreements is what suits me best.

At Right People Group, I will be able to draw on specific experience from the field of temporary employment (I was with Nordic temp agency Moment earlier), and be part of a company that have proven itself already, but have ambitions that suits my own.

As our new Head of Bid Management, what are the key tasks you’ll be focusing on?

My focus will be two-fold:

1. Building out a “bid-machine” that will make us even more efficient and better at selecting our targets and win the right type of business across our markets.

2. Use the bid-machine to execute on our goals and meaningfully grow the business through the tender channel.

To do that, I need to start by getting to know our company, the industry, the customer’s buying habits, and many other specifics. 

What aspects of your new role as Head of Bid Management are you most excited about? What challenges and opportunities do you foresee, and how do you plan to make an impact?

To be honest, I’m a bit competitive so I’m excited about winning large and/or complex deals with great customers. But the process of strategizing and optimising around the tender setup, as well as putting together the best possible bid excites me as well. 

From what I can see this early, challenges are different in Denmark and in other markets. Outside of Denmark, we need to position ourselves as a viable candidate for public tenders, while as in Denmark we need to build on our current form and just consistently seek out and compete for the best deals out there across public and private.

My impact will be to bring in large public and private business, and maybe to poke a little at the commercial engine if I see something that could use fine-tuning.

Opportunities are vast, no doubt about that. And with our business model and the digital commercial setup, we are in a great place to grow. 

My impact will be to bring in large public and private business, and maybe to poke a little at the commercial engine if I see something that could use a fine-tuning.

Outside of the office, what are some of your passions and hobbies? Do they have any influence on your approach to work?

I like sports, especially football, and I like reading books, papers, and magazines on current affairs and business. But most of my time outside of work I spend with my wife and three kids. I like to travel as well, and I take off with the family or with friends as much as I can.

Now that you ask, I guess my work approach reflects my passion for sports a bit. I am results oriented and a team player, while recognizing that I can make a difference myself by putting in the effort.

If you were going to a superhero costume party, which superhero would you dress up as and why? 

Does Tintin count as a superhero? Otherwise it’s got to be Clark Kent/Superman. I clearly have a thing for journalists – they are my real life heroes. 



Anders’ arrival at Right People Group marks a new chapter in our journey towards excellence in bid management. His extensive experience and unique approach to tackling challenges, both in Denmark and internationally, will undoubtedly propel us towards new heights. Anders’ passion for his work, paralleled with his interests in sports and current affairs, adds a multifaceted depth to his role at Right People Group.

We look forward to witnessing the growth and success that his leadership will usher in.

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