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Let us know what you are looking for and receive CVs of 2-3 independent contractors with skills that match your needs.

    Contact Right People Group now for Junior consultants – you get:

    • Junior consultant experts who can work remotely or onsite with you
    • Thorough selection of the best Junior consultant experts to fit your project
    • Attractive rates for our skilled Junior consultants
    • Free offer within 4 hours

    Junior consultants are all about execution

    The junior consultants we deliver on a contract basis join your team to execute whatever needs to be executed We choose junior consultants who not only have top grades, but also bring the right service attitude and speed in executing assigned tasks. We know from experience that boring tasks can be highly important but difficult to allocate to more senior staff. Our junior consultants can take care of the entire range of tasks from trivial to highly complex. Because our junior consultant profiles are highly skilled and ambitious, the internal time for training, managing and quality checking can be limited to an absolute minimum. This releases time from your senior staff.

    Targeted assistance provides high value

    All junior consultants are assigned a mentor internally in Right People Group, who handles all questions they may have and who advises them in relation to creating optimal value for the customer on the specific project. In this way, we ensure that your junior consultant is goal-focused and ready to work from day one. Junior consultants deliver high quality and quickly reach their goals so that you can create visible results or complete a project within your deadline. We have learned that it is of great value to our customers that they can receive effective and qualified assistance from a skilled junior consultant. This is due to the fact that the workload and the need for supervision as well as quality assurance are reduced, thus saving time that can be redistributed to other tasks.

    Great junior consulting in any field

    Junior consultants are a good choice when you are looking for a flexible all-round team member who can quickly take on new tasks in various fields. This said, based on their educational background and work experience from student jobs and internships, we can source a junior consultant with a more specialized profile to be able to take care of more complex and specific tasks. The following are very common areas for junior consultants to work in – read more about these types of junior consultants by clicking on the links below:

    Our strength lies in finding a perfect match for your needs, so regardless if you are looking for a special kind of junior consultant or a more experienced contractor for your project, we are pleased to help. Just send us your request by filling in the form at the top of this page or give us a call, then we will soon send you 1-2 CVs of hand-picked consultants based on your requirements. Our service is free of charge until you decide to work with one of the profiles we have presented, so get in touch and let us show you what we can deliver.

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    Contact Henrik Arent

    Henrik is always open to discuss your specific needs. He can quickly give you an accurate picture of the solution we can deliver to meet your needs.

    Satisfied customers


    “Our needs were very specific and we expected that they would be difficult to solve. Yet, shortly after we contacted Right People they delivered a top consultant at a fair price. It has worked perfectly.”

    Tue Ansvig, Head of Department, eBay

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