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We help organizations harness the power of the external workforce

Our platform helps you find, engage and manage highly skilled external consultants

Local IT & business consultants

We ensure you get top-quality local consultants tailored to your specific needs

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Hire from anywhere

Access skilled remote consultants who speak English

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Onsiter VMS

Use the Onsiter VMS to hire and manage your external workforce

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1000+ customers across Europe

Since 2007, we've supplied thousands of IT and management consultants to companies throughout Europe

Our services

Fulfill your extended workforce needs with our full suite of services.

Consultant delivery

Trust us for fast, precise matches for your projects.

Since 2007, Right People Group has connected over 1000 companies with leading IT and business consultants.

We quickly match you with the ideal consultant, ensuring they have the right skills, experience, and cultural fit for your team.


Hire from anywhere

Find the perfect remote developers for your projects with us.

We have an in-depth knowledge of local markets and can help you hire top-quality developers from anywhere in the world.

We'll match you with skilled professionals who offer competitive rates, speak English fluently, and have experience with international clients.

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Onsiter VMS for enterprises

Hire and manage your external workforce on the Onsiter VMS.

Control and get complete overview of all your consultants in one simple platform. Onsiter VMS (Vendor Management System) includes easy access to more than 20.000 consultant companies.

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Onsiter for consultants

See all projects in your entire market.

Onsiter collects projects from all known companies that publish their projects, so you can see all projects in one place.

When you click on a project from an external site, you are simply redirected to that site and can apply there.

You can search, filter and set alerts for projects, so you never again miss a relevant opportunity.

Why Right People Group?

Expertise and speed

Expertise and speed

Fast and precise talent matches across sectors and competence domains

Wide talent access

Wide talent access

Wide network of top-tier IT and business professionals across Europe

Full suite of solutions

Full suite of solutions

Comprehensive services and tools for sourcing and managing external talent.

What our customers say

Questions about the Onsiter VMS?

Soren can help you with any questions you have about the Onsiter VMS.


Questions about building an external workforce?

Andreas can help you with any questions you have about building your external workforce. He is available to discuss your needs and find the right solution for you.


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Logo Right People Group
Logo Right People Group