What is IT architecture?
What is it architecture?

What is IT architecture?

What is IT Architecture? A one-hour video-based introduction

IT Architecture is a broad term that can mean different things to different people and in different organizations.

We can divide IT Architecture into 3 overall categories that will each have multiple sub-categories:

In this session, we will focus on Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture / Software Architecture, as there will be a separate session about “cloud and IT infrastructure”.

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Enterprise Architects are the type of IT Architects that are closest to the business and furthest away from the technical tasks. However, in Right People Group we still prefer Enterprise Architects that have some kind of technical background and a good technical understanding.

RPG mostly deliver enterprise architects to large organisations, and the specific projects are typically related to ensuring that the IT landscape as a whole is capable of delivering the needed foundation for execution of the business strategy – in the short run, but also in the long run. Therefore, a strong understanding of both IT and business processes, as well as good communication skills, are always needed for Enterprise Architects.

Check the below video for an introduction to what Enterprise Architecture is?

Why Software Architecture matters

Martin Fowler is one of our professional heroes in Right People Group. Therefore, we are not just giving you the “textbook definition” of what software architecture is. Instead, we will look at why it matters and how it creates business value in the real world.

We share Martin Fowlers belief that Software Architects needs to be able to code and have their technical skills constantly updated. We also share his belief that creating high quality software is not expensive – creating high quality software is the cheapest solution, if you look at the total cost of ownership. This is also the reason why we prefer small expert teams, compared to large teams with medium or low software development and software architecture skills.

Watch our hero in action below:

Role of the modern Software Architect

As software development processes have changed in most organisations in recent years, the role of the Software Architect in modern organisations has also been transformed. Most often, today’s Software Architect have to figure out the software architecture in an agile project environment based on an ongoing dialogue with relevant stakeholder to ensure that the business requirements are in focus at all times – even when this means that the plans for software architecture changes as the project develops. Hence, a modern software architect has to take an active leadership role concerning both processes, communication and technology.

See below for elaboration from Juval Lowy who is a thought leader within software architecture.

Software Patterns and MVC (Model – View – Controller)

MVC is a general software architectural pattern that can be implemented in many different ways and with various products/ frameworks. ASP.NET MVC is one example of a web application framework for implementing the MVC architecture.

Since MVC is a very commonly used 3-tier architectural pattern, let us take a closer look at what it is:

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and middleware

Most enterprise companies we work with have some kind of “Service Oriented Architecture” and use different kinds of middleware in their IT-landscape.

Let us dig a bit deeper to understand the concept of SOA and middleware:

What is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)?

An ESB or “Enterprise Service Bus” is the technical foundation for implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as described above. The ESB can function as a systems single entry point towards all other systems, meaning that integration only needs to be done with one single system regardless the total number of systems that need to interact. The ESB the takes the role of routing and if needed transforming information between the different systems and can even add an extra layer of security. The ESB products that our consultants have primarily implemented are:

Below is a general introduction to what an ESB is, what it does and its role in a Service Oriented Architecture:

Microservices vs. SOA architecture

Currently, we experience Microservices as one of the major trends within software architecture. Many of our customers have some kind of service oriented architecture and they are interested in moving to an architecture based on microservices. This is primarily driven by the need for flexibility and sometimes also because of performance issues with their existing SOA architecture.

This video is an intelligent discussion about SOA vs. Microservices and how you evolve gradually from a SOA architecture to an architecture built on Microservices.

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What is Right People Group University

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About Right People University

At Right People Group we are convinced that understanding our customers’ needs is essential to be able to deliver the perfect contractor for a task. Therefore, we constantly work on improving our capabilities to understand both the business objectives and the technical aspects of our customers’ projects. Since we work with a wide range of industries and technologies, this is an ongoing learning process. Right People Group University is an initiative that supports this learning in a structured way. Once a week, the newest members of the Right People team gather for a study session focused on one specific topic. What you see above is the curriculum for one such session – “What is IT architecture?”. We launched this series to get new employees up to speed quickly but thought that others might find our study plan useful too. Obviously, you cannot learn everything about IT architecture in one hour, but it can give you a starting point and an overview which will facilitate further learning in the field. Feel free to join the Right People Group University by following our sessions here on the blog and please post your questions and comments below.

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