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Improve your software development – Invest in test automation

Continuous maintenance and software testing take a lot of effort in the software development process. However, because it is very important to maintain quality, in many cases it should be prioritized. We have often seen that investing in automated testing will increase efforts at first, but quickly pay off with higher speed, quality, and lower costs. Therefore, hiring a test automation consultant makes sound business sense.

Get the consultant with best knowledge of test automation

Although you have made the choice of implementing automated testing, you could still go wrong. In test automation, there are code-driven testing, GUI testing and API testing. If you use the wrong type of test or the wrong tools at the wrong project stage, your company might miss out on great opportunities and cost-savings. Our test automation consultants have extensive experience and know-how to achieve optimal test automation.

Our contractors have helped many companies with:

  • automating both functional and non-functional tests
  • advising on when to use automated testing and when manual testing may be best
  • training on the use of tools and setting up test automation
  • liaising with technical teams

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Right People Group is a recruitment agency which has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to organizations for over ten years. We deliver test automation consultants to companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Our seasoned professionals can either work onsite at your company or in a remote capacity on projects of any size and duration.

At Right People Group, were have many returning customers because we are very concerned about delivering professional consultants at a competitive price and in a fast and efficient way. Part of our success is due to our unique organizational model: One single consultant manager oversees all parts of a project, from clarifying your needs, to running the entire recruitment process, as well as handling all contractual details and questions that may arise at any time during the process. This means that information is not lost in hand-over and that we are able to match both the hard and soft skills that are essential to a project team.

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