Why independent consultants?

Today, using independent consultants and contractors to strengthen and support your organisation has become the norm. Many—if not all—of the largest organizations make use of them. Hiring independent consultants is a particularly common model in the IT market, and right now many highly talented contractors are working in nearly every IT-related competency area. At Right People Group, we have witnessed the strength of this model again and again, and are convinced the amount of independent consultants will only continue to increase in the future. The reason why is simple: working as a freelance consultant provides flexibility, new challenges and job satisfaction for the individual consultant, while allowing the customer to hire highly skilled workers on a temporary basis for a reasonable price.

Permanent employee or consultant?

We believe that tomorrow’s leading organisations will be those who mix a core of permanent employees together with flexible resources. Permanent employees will ensure company growth and complete tasks that are permanent in nature, while specialists or consultants will resolve issues and complete projects which are either temporary in nature or call for skills beyond the company’s own core competencies.

Below we have listed the three main reasons why it may be the better choice to use a consultant rather than a permanent employee. 

1. Temporary competence needs

If a job is temporary and requires specific competencies, it is often both the fastest and—in terms of quality—best option to hire a consultant rather than attempting to develop these particular skills within the organisation. Another highlight: if you hire wisely in the consulting market, once all costs have been calculated, it is often the most affordable option.

2. Access to specialist competencies

Many tasks require specialist skills that do not exist in companies. When these skills are beyond the company’s core competencies, it is often difficult to attract the best people for traditional permanent employment. Hiring an independent consultant/contractor gives you access to the highly skilled specialist competencies you require as well as the ability to find someone within a very short time frame.

3. Flexibility in task solving

There is always a consultant out there who has the skills to execute your specific task or resolve a problem within the required timeframe and physical location. We define the task based on what your needs are as a customer. In addition, our detailed process for securing the right freelance consultants means we are able to find one who fits your needs perfectly at a fair price.