Quick interview with Andreas Lannér, Managing Director of Right People Group, Sweden

Quick interview with Andreas Lannér, Managing Director of Right People Group, Sweden

  • November 23, 2022
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We are thrilled to introduce our newly appointed Managing Director of Right People Group Sweden, Andreas Lannér. Andreas comes with a background of 15 years in connecting businesses with IT professionals in Sweden (and, once upon a time, in Denmark). 

We had a quick chat with Andreas to find out more about him and his thoughts about tech talent in Sweden today. 

Describe your path to becoming Right People Group’s Managing Director for Sweden. 

My path started back in 2007 when I first met Søren. Back then I worked at another consultant broker and I used Søren to help me find suitable candidates for my clients. Henrik* was one of the consultants. I and Søren kept in contact over the years and finally, we decided to start working together. 

*Henrik Deichmann Arent is now co-founder of Right People Group 

What are the challenges facing the Swedish IT workforce today?

That’s a tough question. The media says it’s because we lack qualified employees within the tech sector, but I think that there are a lot of competent people “out there”, and we just need to find each other. 

How is Right People Group different from other IT consultant suppliers? 

Where do I start? RPG has a unique way of looking at consultant sourcing, in my opinion, and really strong processes around sourcing consultants and attracting clients.

What are you most eager to accomplish in your role as Managing Director of our Swedish market?

I want RPG to be one of the major players in the Swedish market when it comes to the external workforce within the IT sector, and this is not some illusion, I actually believe that this is going to be so within the foreseeable future. 

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time? 

I like to cook, play table tennis, watch movies, learn new things, and spend time with my family and friends and our two dogs. I like to travel around in our RV, perhaps soon to be striped with RPG logo 🙂 

For more information or to discuss your consultant needs in Sweden, contact Andreas by email or call him directly at +46 730 54 84 84.