Right People Group has Danish roots but has grown to be a truly international company delivering IT consultants across Europe. Our Consultant Managers come from all corners of Europa and are here to assist you whether you are an IT freelancer or a company in need of expertise for your next project.

Find out who picks up the phone when you call us regarding a request for the French market: meet Hervé Bonnaffoux for a little Q&A!

Who are you, and what led you to the position as a consultant manager at Right People Group?

Hello, my name is Hervé Bonnaffoux and I am responsible for the French market at Right People Group. After engineering studies, I wanted to focus more on the business side and get the opportunity to meet a multitude of actors, both on the consultant side as well as the customer side. Right People Group offered me the opportunity to do so in an international context in Berlin.

“A good job is recognizable when all parties
relevant to the project are satisfied”

– Hervé Bonnaffoux, Country Manager France

What differentiates Right People Group from other IT consultant agencies?

At Right People Group, we strive to maximize our knowledge within IT, whether it is in relation to a project method or a certain programming language. As a result, we can better understand our customer’s needs and find the corresponding consultant more easily. This creates trust between all actors. We are also the only point of contact between the customer and the consultant, which allows us to find the most appropriate resources on the market.

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Tell me about a recent project you worked on that illustrates your daily job.

Recently, a company with whom we had already worked with contacted us to get help with a transition with the set up of new tools in-house. They carried out the migration, however, the current teams did not have any support or training. After talking with the client, I searched for a consultant who had the required  experience and skills, but also certain pedagogy experience and easiness to communicate to match the need of the client. This illustrates a part of my daily work, interesting exchanes on various issues for which we must find a solution tailored to each client.

“It is in these situations we realize the importance to
develop strong partnerships and a broad consultant network

– Hervé Bonnaffoux, Country Manager France

Can you share a challenge you faced and how you solved it?

Sometimes things do not go as planned. It can be that the consultant cancel for different reasons, or that the client change certain conditions which can make the partnership more challenging. In either case, I try to be as responsive as possible so the client or/and the consultant feel that we have done the best we could to help them.

Recently, a client who needed a qualified consultant to train their team during several days and whom needed to be available in a very short time. This makes it more challenging as it can seem. However, it is in these situations we realize the importance to develop strong partnerships and a broad consultant network.

In the hunt for the right consultant for a specific job, what are the most important qualities and traits you look for?

We, of course, as a first step analyze each profile by looking at how well the consultant masters the technical skills and other needs of the clients project. Then, we will look at the previous experiences and what types of projects the consultat have participated in. Finally, it is also a personal feeling that emerges from communication with the consultant. This is often justified by how easy it is to build a relationship with the contractor and honest communication.

How do you evaluate a project?

A good project is recognizable according to different points. Firstly, I need to evaluate the size of the project to make sure it is financially feasible for both RPG and the client. Also if the project have a well defined mission and finally if it there is an opportunity for us to develop a long-term relationship with the company.

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When do you feel that you did a good job? Give an example if possible.

A good job is recognizable when all parties relevant to the project are satisfied, ie. the client, the consultant and Right People Group. When we receive positive feedback from both client and consultant, and it results in a long-term partnership, then we have fulfilled our job and mission.

What is your greatest career accomplishment?

My greatest achievement is to successfully represent RPG in an international environment and to develop our network in France. It is also to have been able to develop the power of listening and being opened which allow me to develop constantly.

“Particularly present is personal development and confidence.
We have a team who help each other and share our thoughts
on many topics
every day.

– Hervé Bonnaffoux, Country Manager France

What do you like about your job at RPG and what motivates you to come to work every day?

RPG shares some of the essential values that appealed to me when I made the choice to start as a consultant manager here. And I was not mistaken, particularly present is personal development and confidence. We have a team who help each other and share our thoughts on many topics every day. The company is growing and I find it very challenging, in a positive way.

Why did you choose to work in the IT industry?

I have always been interested in the world of new technologies. I also attended engineering studies in France for 5 years where I was able to get practice and discover a set of topics related to computing. In addition, the society is occupied by technology which shows that this is an area more than essential. Our habits change and the jobs evolve, so I think it is important to be familiar with all of this.

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