IT supporter

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Level 1 – Basic support

As many other organizations with IT products or services, you have probably also arranged your IT support in different levels according to the extent of technical support given by a specific IT supporter. Level 1 or level A support offers the most basic support. It is usually the first person a customer or employee will talk to. First level supporters try to answer all questions regarding small problems or ‘how-to’ questions. That implies that 1st level IT supporters do not necessarily need to be IT pros but we always choose people that are good at facilitating the dialogue with the end user.

Qualified contractors for your helpdesk

A typical 1st level IT supporter should be service-minded, result-oriented, smart and definitely good with people. They are acting as ambassadors of your helpdesk because they are the first ones a customer usually speaks to. Don’t risk anything and trust us with delivering qualified consultants for your Level 1 IT support. Contact us today!