IP telephony consultant

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Higher productivity with IP telephony

IP telephony (commonly called Internet telephony) refers to technologies which, instead of using the public switched telephone network, carry information over the Internet Protocol’s packet-switched connections. One main advantage of Internet telephony is that you save the telephone fee. Additionally, your organization can benefit from the link to hardware and applications, thereby increasing productivity. The associated VoIP, more specifically, is all about features for voice communications, just like Skype, for example.

Consult a IP telephony consultant to meet challenges

Delivering voice, fax, and video via IP telephony sounds great – however, there is the main challenge of ensuring a reliable and efficient flow to all users. To not get lost in this challenge, your organization can hire a contractor for your IP telephony project. Contractors are experienced and specialized and can support your project on short notice for any period of time. Tell us about your needs and we will deliver the best IP telephony consultant right away.