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Improved IT service management

A ServiceNow consultant can offer key support for every aspect of the ServiceNow platform. A good ServiceNow consultant has a strong background in IT and is experienced at providing best practise solutions to companies and clients based on previous IT Service Management experience and knowledge of the ServiceNow platform.

Your ServiceNow consultant at work 

A ServiceNow consultant is a skilled professional who can assist you with many important aspects of ServiceNow, the ITIL-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. If you require the services of a ServiceNow consultant, we have many experienced consultants in our network who can start as soon as needed—either onsite or in a remote capacity.

Our ServiceNow consultants have helped clients across a wide range of industries with such important tasks as:

  • overseeing application workflow and user interface (UI) configuration
  • developing requirement integration components
  • optimising staff experience with the ServiceNow platform
  • configuring and implementing ServiceNow solutions
  • assisting with ServiceNow adminstration functions
  • performing ServiceNow scripting

In addition, our ServiceNow consultants have extensive knowledge of ServiceNow integrations using different interfaces as well as prior web development experience. When necessary, we would be happy to provide a ServiceNow consultant with specialised IT or industry specific knowledge.

Why hire a ServiceNow consultant? 

As we have seen time and again, many of today’s top IT talents are working on a contract basis—and this trend is likely to continue in the future. Our ServiceNow consultant have gathered a wealth of experience offering expert solutions to many companies, and our clients have benefited from the expertise they brought to the position in their organisation.

When selecting a ServiceNow consultant to add to our network, we always choose professionals who have a proven track record of excellence combined with attractive rates. Our ServiceNow consultants can be placed in your organisation right away, for however long you require their assistance.

Please send us a short description of your needs and we will quickly put you in touch with the ServiceNow consultants best suited to the position. At Right People Group we follow a strict no-cure, no-pay policy, which means you are welcome to choose between the consultants in our network for no initial fee.

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