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 Defining the guiding values of Right People Group

Over the last few years, Right People Group has developed at a fast pace. We have onboarded new colleagues from 9 different countries, launched operations in 7 new markets and initiated a major business project that we cannot reveal at this stage. From being a company driven by the founders only, we are now 25 people, divided between two offices and nine markets. We all know our target: Building a leading international consultant agency for independent IT consultants, but how do we want to get there? What are our values that guide us in our efforts to reach this goal?

In a business built on trust, having the right values makes all the difference

Why are corporate values so important in our industry? Well, first, we don’t sell a tangible product, we sell our ability to find the perfect contractor for our customers. Both the contractors and the customers put trust in us that we will bring the right projects and people together to a mutual benefit. We give our word to the customers that we search the market to find the best candidate at the best price for them, that we look for sustainable solutions, not just a quick sale. This commitment can only be guaranteed on an organizational level if we all follow similar efficient processes and have the same mindset in how we execute and constantly improve our work.

The time is now – defining our corporate values

In short, we felt the need to reflect upon our values and make sure that we are all on the same page, not only perceiving the same goal but also following the same guiding values. What you see below are the values, we agreed on as a team, and which we would like to share with you – for information, for inspiration and as an invitation to send us your comments.

What we didn’t want, was to end up with fluffy values that can mean anything and thereby end up meaning nothing in our daily work. Therefore, we have outlined how each value affects our stakeholders and us and the way we do our work.

Values - building a leading IT contracting agency
Thanks to our interns Marie and Josefine, we are reminded of our values every time we enter the lunch room.

Value 1: Simplicity

Achieving simplicity is not simple. It requires hard work.

We reduce friction for our consultants and customers, by connecting them to achieve extraordinary results. Something simple, yet powerful. We improve their lives and jobs by making them simple.

We always stick to saying what we do and doing what we say. We don’t use fancy words for explaining simple things. We strive to truly understand complex matters and then simplify them.

Value 2: Learning

We constantly learn from each other, our consultants and customers. We build strong relationships by having a true and deep interest in what we can learn from everyone that crosses our path. Learning is not something you receive, it is something you achieve. Learning is self-motivated by individuals, and our organisation prides itself on having a framework and culture to support, accelerate and enhance this discipline.

We don’t accept that there are things we just don’t understand no matter how big or small. On a 1,000-kilometre journey towards full understanding, we would rather take 10 steps, than not walk at all.

A beginner makes 100 big mistakes, an intermediate makes 1,000 small mistakes and a master makes 10,000 tiny mistakes. Learning is for everyone in our organisation in all aspects of their role. No exceptions.

Value 3: Execution

We are known for getting the work done. We don’t postpone. We execute now and we execute well.

We value entrepreneurship and initiative. We try things, and we would rather try them today, than tomorrow. Most things don’t work, and we shut them down. Other things will work, and this is what we base our future on.

Execution involves failing, a vital part of achieving true excellence. We push ourselves to not fail, but when we do, it is accepted, and we learn and grow from it.

Value 4: Excellence

Good enough is not good enough. We want true excellence in both process and results, and we are all on a constant journey of improvement towards excellence.

Striving for process excellence is hard, very hard. It is much easier to accept what is already there. But not for us. We always ask ourselves how we can improve ourselves, each other and every aspect of what we do towards excellence. Perfection will never be reached, but the journey is a goal in itself.

We are business people, and we want excellent business results. We prioritize the long-term over the short-term. We know that excellent business results are a consequence of excellent relationships with our consultants, customers and each other.

 Value 5: Freedom

Freelance is about freedom.

Our consultants choose to be become freelancers to enable freedom. Our customers choose to hire consultants to have the freedom to scale, access knowledge and execution power when they need it.

We choose to work here because we know that we will receive freedom. The freedom to have full decision-making power, to make the right decision. Freedom to prioritize our work where it makes the most sense for us and the company. Freedom to develop and grow.

True freedom requires trust. We trust each other, our consultants, our customers and our partners. We know that when you give trust to someone, you will be rewarded with actions that reflect that trust.

Thanks for reading!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have comments or inspiration for us. Of course, we are also happy to discuss any cooperation opportunities and, if you are a freelancer, we hope that you would like to sign up to our project list.

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