Right People Group Oy – 1 year on: An interview with Leo Laitinen, Managing Director

Right People Group Oy – 1 year on: An interview with Leo Laitinen, Managing Director

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Right People Group began serving businesses in Finland in 2019, managing the operations from its headquarters in Berlin. Following a high demand for its services, the company decided to open an office in Helsinki in 2020 under the management of Leo Laitinen.

One year on, Right People Group Oy now delivers highly skilled independent IT contractors to more than 30 Finnish companies. We meet with Leo Laitinen to learn more about how the first year has been, and his plans for the company. 

It’s been a year since you established Right People Group Oy in Finland.  How did the first year go?

The year has been very exciting! Apart from serving our existing clients, we have had the pleasure of providing our services to even more clients and organizations. Another thing that has made me happy is that our office is growing. Starting next January, there will be 3 people working with our clients and consultants locally, with the support of the group and external experts.

What are your plans for Right People Group Oy? 

The future of Right People Group in Finland is looking bright. We plan to grow our staff numbers and build our network of local expert independent contractors for our clients. We also aim to use our network of international independent contractors in Finland more efficiently. Next, we plan to focus on our external expert sourcing software solution for the Finnish market, which we already provide under the brand Onsiter

We want to be able to empower our clients with the right people for their projects at a faster pace, and with more precise matches to their needs.  

What’s it like to be back in Finland?

After two years in Berlin, it was surprising how natural coming back felt. The plan was there all along to establish our presence here in Helsinki – so coming back was expected. But I do miss Berlin as well: the old colleagues, the vibe of the city and the rich variety of restaurants. And the further you get from Berlin, the worse the kebab tastes, that’s something I have to live with from now on.

Having said that, I’m happy to see family and Finnish friends more once again. That, and having a sauna in your own apartment. And many many little things like ruisleipä, and fast internet connections. It’s good to be back!

To learn more about us and our services in Finland, please contact Leo Laitinen, Managing Director at Right People Group Oy.