Right People Group hires new CEO in Denmark and aims to triple turnover within 3 years

Right People Group hires new CEO in Denmark and aims to triple turnover within 3 years

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Right People Group, an IT and business consultancy, has just appointed the former CEO of the car rental company Sixt, Philip Scott Lind, as Managing Director and Partner of the Danish company. 

Philip takes on the role of Managing Director of the Danish company after five months at Right People Group, where he worked on business development and sales of the digital platform Onsiter.com. He comments on his new role: 

Over the past six months, we have made a complete change to our organization in Denmark, and today we have a fantastic team that I am proud to lead. I've seen an overwhelming interest in Onsiter.com. We make it easy for clients to competitively source their IT consultant needs against their existing suppliers, new suppliers, and the freelance market.

The process towards hiring a CEO in the Danish company already started in 2016, when Right People Group’s CEO, Søren Rosenmeier, left Denmark to create a European hub in Berlin. The purpose of the presence in Berlin is to drive both internationalization and digital innovation. Today, the company is active in 10 countries in Europe and has separate sales companies in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Germany.

Right People Group is in the market for IT consultant placement, which is currently dominated by traditional “brokerage companies,” which run manual processes to find consultants for their clients. In recent years, a number of pure digital platforms have emerged across Europe, but without capturing significant market share among large corporations.

Larger companies typically have a network of suppliers of traditional consultancies, which digital freelance platforms do not support. With Onsiter.com, Right People Group provides a free platform that handles existing suppliers and the entire freelance market. In addition, you can easily search for new consultancy suppliers across Europe and send them specific requests. 

Right People Group CEO, Søren Rosenmeier elaborates:

Running a thorough competitive tender for a consultancy request via Onsiter.com is both faster and easier than calling a supplier, which is why we are experiencing massive demand. We have spent the last few years developing our digital solutions and our organization. The appointment of Philip as Director in Denmark is a crucial step towards realizing our very big ambitions.

Right People Group expects revenue growth of 25% in this financial year ending 30/9. This will bring total turnover to just under a quarter of a billion kroner. The ambitious goal is to reach 750 million kroner in turnover within three years, of which 60% is expected to come from abroad.

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