2nd level IT supporter

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Level 2 – Advanced support

If you have organized your company’s IT support assistance into different levels, then 2nd level IT supporters will most likely be the ones handling more complex questions that are handed over from 1st level support. Second level IT supporters have more knowledge and experience dealing with advanced features and potential product failures and they are specialized in certain areas. After analyzing the problem they search for known solutions from previous cases and normally closes the ticket and reports back to the end user.

Experienced IT contrcators for your helpdesk

A qualified candidate for the position of a 2nd level IT supporter will have experience in technical troubleshooting and analysis methods. Furthermore, 2nd level IT supporters need to be strong in prioritizing individual cases according to what has been done and what can be done on level 2. Let us know about your requirements and we will deliver experienced 2nd level IT supporter consultants right away!