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Solution-specific architecture

A freelance information technology (IT) architect offers support to companies on various architecture-based tasks on a contract basis. A good freelance IT architect has a strong background in IT and is a skilled problem-solver who is a productive member of the team from day one.

A freelance IT architect at work

A freelance IT architect designs information technology solutions and carries out architecture-related tasks for companies. If you are looking to hire an IT architect on a freelance basis, we have many skilled professionals in our network who can start right away and remain in your business as long as needed.

Our freelance IT architects offer companies solution-specific expertise. These professionals are experienced with various skill sets, methodologies, toolsets, and technologies. They always keep the important aspects of the solution in mind, ensuring they are implemented throughout the project or task.

In addition, these freelance professionals understand both the non-functional and business requirements involved and often act as a liaison between all relevant stakeholders.

Depending on your requirements and their particular area of expertise, our freelance IT architects can create the following types of architecture, among others:

  • security
  • database
  • enterprise
  • network
  • software

When needed, we would also be happy to provide a contract professional with expertise and experience with a specific technology and/or industry.

Why hire a freelance IT architect?

Many of our clients gain value from hiring IT architects on a freelance basis for their enterprise IT architecture or software architecture. These professionals are experienced problem-solvers who can be flexibly placed in a company to provide additional support for a complex project or bring in a skill set that is currently missing.

Since they are hired on a contract basis, our freelance IT architects can also offer your company a fresh approach as well as help you avoid common mistakes and unnecessary risk. In each case, you are free to specify the start date, which skills are required, and how long these professionals should stay in your company. In addition, our freelance IT architects can be employed either onsite in your business or in a remote position, as you see fit.

Please send us a description of what you are currently seeking at this time. We will then promptly get back to you with an offer for the freelance IT architects in our network with the right experience and background to suit your needs. At Right People Group, we follow a strict no-cure, no-pay policy, which means you are welcome to choose among our freelance professional at no initial cost to your company.

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