ERP Project Manager

Contact Right People Group now for an ERP project manager – you get:

Successful ERP project activities, milestone and deliverables

An ERP project manager is an experienced professional who can take charge of all aspects of ERP-related projects. A good ERP project manager combines leadership and goal setting abilities with solid IT knowledge.

An ERP project manager in your company 

An ERP project manager is key to ensuring your ERP-related projects stay on track — from start to finish. If you need the support of an ERP project manager, we have many experienced contractors in our network who can be placed in your business within days.

Our ERP project managers have helped many clients with such important tasks as:

  • setting and defining project goals and project budget as well as ensuring quality control
  • developing detailed project schedules
  • reviewing and recommending project deliverables
  • performing risk identity and minimising possible risk
  • colloborating with developers

In addition, our ERP project managers all have experience managing complex projects and ERP systems. When needed, we can also provide professionals with knowledge specific to your company’s particular industry.

Why hire a ERP project manager? 

As we have seen, many of today’s top talents in the IT sector work on a contract basis, and this also holds true for IT project management. Our ERP project managers have all acquired years’ of experience effectively overseeing projects, and your company will benefit from their expertise.

When selecting ERP project managers for our network, we make sure to only include those combining expertise with proven high performance offered at attractive rates. Your company can make use of their services as long as desired.

Please feel free to get in touch with a description of your current needs. We will then promptly present you the CV of a highly skilled ERP project manager that matches your requirements. Thanks to our no-cure, no-pay policy, you are welcome to select between the contractors in our network at no initial charge. Only if you choose to work with one of the consultants we present, you start paying.