How we choose independent contractors

When selecting an independent contractor, we know you want the best candidate for the job. It’s our job to deliver them. 

Our process is a result of over a decade of experience in sourcing top-notch independent contractors for a wide range of industries. 

Here’s what our selection process looks like when it comes to finding the ideal independent contractor for you.

Step 1

Create a focus

We create anonymous job descriptions so that applicants can focus on project goals and objectives.

Step 2

Maximize our reach

We search through our network of segmented databases and referrals, and conduct searches on recruitment platforms and marketplaces.

Step 3


We filter through potential candidates to find consultants with qualifications and experience that match your expectations.

We also look for patterns that indicate high performance, such as long-term relationships and repeat projects.

Step 4


We interview candidates to ensure that the candidate’s skills and personality will be the right fit for you.

Step 5


We handpick and deliver profiles of the best candidates.

In case an independent contractor becomes sick or doesn’t work out, we find a replacement right away.