Robotics engineer

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Innovative robotics development

A robotics engineer is responsible for developing robots for various uses. A good robotics engineer is a results-driven professional who combines a strong background in engineering and solid experience with hands-on robotics development.

A robotics engineer in your organization

A robotics engineer offers support to companies on many key robotics development tasks. If you are looking to hire one of these experts, we have many experienced professionals in our network who can be hired on a contract basis right away.

Our robotics engineers have successfully offered their services to many companies by carrying out such tasks as:

  • leading robotics engineering and development
  • designing new algorithems and data structures
  • troubleshooting, debugging, and improving programming
  • overseeing robot customisation
  • collaborating with technical team members

All our robotics engineers have a strong knowledge of robotics software platforms, such as ROS, OpenRave, OpenRTM, YARP, Choreonoid, etc. In addition, we would be happy to provide a contract professional with extensive experience using open source frameworks, as well as a background in machine learning, autonomous navigation, robot programming, automation programming, and so on.

Reasons to hire a contract robotics engineer

As we have seen, the field of robotics is exploding, with robot development taking place in a variety of technical, service, and industrial fields. Our contract robotics engineers have established expertise in robot engineering, and you will benefit from the knowledge they bring to their position in your company.

When hiring one of our contract professionals, you will be given the flexibility to bring in experts when you need their specialised support on a task or project. In each case, you are free to specify to start date, goals and responsibilities, as well as how long our contract robotics engineer should remain in your company.

Please feel free to let us know more about your current needs. Once we’ve heard from you, we will quickly get in touch with a free offer. Since we follow a strict no-cure, no-pay policy at Right People Group, you are welcome to browse among the CVs of the contract professionals in our network for no initial fee.