Procurement Manager

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Develop a sound purchasing strategy with a procurement manager

procurement manager, also known as a purchasing manager, ensures that a company has a clear strategy for purchasing goods and services. These professionals help staff and management understand and adhere to sound purchasing strategies, which helps keep costs within budget.

The best procurement manager for your project

Procurement managers are key to ensuring your company has a sound purchasing strategy and effectively manages costs. If you are looking to hire a procurement manager, we have many contractors who can be delivered onsite with only a few days notice.

Our procurement managers have helped many companies carry out tasks such as:

  • creating, developing, and assessing purchasing strategies
  • ensuring staff adhere to purchasing strategies and stay within budget
  • advising, suggesting, and improving purchasing decisions
  • working directly with suppliers and ensuring they meet specific standards
  • liaising with management as well as finance and logistics teams

If you need a procurement manager with additional skills or expertise, for example, in IT or project management, we would be happy to match you with a professional with the right background for your project or position.

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For over ten years, the consultancy Right People Group has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to organisations across a spectrum of industries. We deliver procurement managers onsite to companies in the UK, US, and continental Europe. Our experienced professionals can work on projects of any size and length.

At Right People Group, we have a high rate of returning customers because we are very concerned about delivering professional consultants at a competitive price and in a fast and efficient way. However, an additional aspect of our success can be traced back to our unique organisational model. If you hire a procurement manager through us, we will assign you one single consultant manager. Your consultant manager will oversee all aspects of a project and address any questions that may arise at any time during the process. Therefore, we ensure no information is lost in hand-over and offer both a hard and soft skill set–the essential combination for a successful project team.

If you need a procurement manager, please get in touch to see what specific profiles we can offer at no obligation.