Project Procurement Manager

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Professional project procurement management 

Project procurement describes the procurement activities of acquisition/purchasing of goods and/or services for a specific project. In smaller projects, this can often be handled by the overall project manager alone or in cooperation with the company’s procurement department. In larger projects, you might want to delegate the responsibility of project procurement management to an experienced contractor who can focus on purchasing the best services and supplies for the project. Lacking a good project procurement manager can result in undesired delays or setbacks in the progress of your project. Since the need for this role is time-limited, using a project procurement manager on a contract basis can be a good solution. Moreover, our consultants can work part-time, if that is sufficient to cover your procurement needs. In this way, you get a highly skilled and dedicated purchasing manager for your project without paying more than the actual working hours.

We can fill your interim position in project procurement

Our contractors can take over the responsibility for effective execution of all procurement activities within project procurement. Depending on your requirements, our Procurement Project Managers usually develop and implement project procurement strategies and activities that are aligned with the set objectives with regard to budget, time, and quality. Risk-mitigation is also key. Tell us your job to be done, and we will introduce you to a highly qualified project procurement managers with the skills-set, background and personality that will fit your requirements and organisational setup.

Procurement managers for your project

For over ten years, the freelance consulting company Right People Group has delivered the market’s best freelancers to organizations and companies across various industries. We provide project procurement managers for both onsite and remote projects in large parts of the world. Our project buyers can work on projects of any size and length, all of which depends on your need and specific demand.

Our customer base is largely made up of repeat customers – we are extremely happy and proud of that. We always deliver freelance consultants in a quick and efficient manner, at a competitive price, and make a great effort to ensure a good match between your project and the project procurement manager we offer you.

When you contact us to find your project procurement manager, your inquiry and project will be handled fully by one dedicated consultant manager. The person takes care of all parts of the recruitment process and acts as a sparring partner and reconciles all expectations between the customer and the procurement manager in relation to both soft and hard values. In that way, you get a project procurement manager who can deliver the best results on your project.

If you need a procurement manager for your project, please get in touch to see what specific profiles we can offer at no obligation.