Nearshore developer

Contact Right People Group now for a nearshore developer – you get:

Development support close to your company’s location

A nearshore developer offers remote assistance from a foreign country close to where a company is based. A good nearshore developer has both extensive IT development and English language skills.

Your nearshore developer at work

A nearshore developer can offer your IT team extra support at great rates. If your company is looking to outsource nearshore, we have many experienced nearshore developers with a wide range of expertise who can be hired in a country which is in close proximity to your own as well as in a similar time zone.

Our nearshore developers have assisted many companies with various software, mobile, and web development tasks. These tasks have included:

  • coding websites using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript
  • offering support with back-end tasks, such as building interactive websites
  • designing and building web apps
  • assisting with software development, e.g. in Java or C#
  • designing and building iOS or Android mobile apps
  • troubleshooting, debugging, and improving systems

In each case, we will match you with a nearshore developer with the right skills and knowledge for your particular needs.

Reasons to hire a contract nearshore developer

As we have seen, many companies can effectively cut costs by outsourcing many of their IT needs to a nearby foreign country where developers are generally paid at a lower rate. When you hire a contract nearshore developer from our network, you will receive a professional with the right skills and know-how who is located within Europe.

Our clients have successfully hired our contract professionals when they needed extra IT support on a task or project for a limited time. Hiring nearshore eased communication between these developers and their management and technical staff. Since each contract professional in our network is carefully screened, you are guaranteed a developer with the right skill-set offering their services great rates for as long as you need.

Please feel free to send us a description of what you are currently seeking. Once we’ve heard from you, we will quickly match you with a contract nearshore developers in our network best suited to the task. Due to our no-cure, no-pay policy, you can freely choose among our contract professionals for no initial fee.