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Highly compatible with iOS and Android

Sencha Touch used to be a great choice for those looking for a web app framework but from 2018 it has been merged with ExtJS and the Sencha framework is no longer supported by Idera who owns the technology.

This said, the new Sencha Touch/ Ext JS should provide everything developers need to build data-intensive, web and mobile applications working across platforms and it is in particular popular with our enterprise clients.

Web apps built with Ext JS give user access regardless of the device

Web apps have the main advantage that they can be accessed via any device (with an internet connection, of course). Ext JS offers great compatibility with the different devices of Apple and Android because it balances different resolutions.

Moreover, Ext JS/ Sencha Touch developers benefit from a collection of pre-integrated and tested user interface components. These components include HTML5, grids and pivot grid, calendar, D3 adapter, lists, trees, menus, forms, toolbars, windows, panels, etc. A large gallery of user extensions is also available from the Sencha community.

Our Ext JS/ Sencha Touch developers for your web app project

If you looking for a Sencha Touch developer who can alter your existing web app, or if you are planning to launch a new web app project and think that a Ext JS developer could create the perfect app for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us for a CV of the right profile for the task. Of course, our freelance web app experts can also give advice on the right “next step” if you want to move on from the no longer support Sencha Touch framework.

At Right People Group we always present CVs of the perfect consultant or developer without any obligations. Only if you decide to actually work with one of the Ext JS developers or Sencha Touch developers we present,  will you pay for the developer’s work on a monthly basis.