Junior developer

Contact Right People Group now for a junior developer – you get:

Support in software development

A junior development offer support to your developer team. A good junior development works well in a team and is a quick learner eager to hone their skills, therefore expanding their knowledge and skill set.

Your junior developer in action 

A junior developer can assist other developers on various tasks and projects. If you are looking for a junior developer to place in the IT department at your company, we have many contractors in our network who can start within days.

Our junior developers have helped companies in many different industries by carrying out such tasks as:

  • working with other developers on the software development process
  • assessing and suggesting software solutions
  • testing, troubleshooting and de-bugging software
  • designing and modeling solutions

Our junior developers all have a background in computer science and/or software engineering. If you would prefer a junior developer with specific previous experience (e.g. Ruby on Rails experience, working knowledge of agile methods, git or continuous integration, etc.), we would be happy to accommodate your request.

Why hire a junior developer? 

Many companies can benefit from bringing in extra help for software development. Our junior developers have solid development skills and a strong IT background as well as the willingness to learn.

If you hire a junior developer from our network, you will have the flexibility to choose which tasks to assign, and where to place them within your company or technical department. You are free to decide when they start and how long you require their services.

In addition, we have pre-screened every contractor in our network, which means you are guaranteed a junior developer with a proven record of high performance offered at attractive rates.

Please contact us with more details about what you are looking for, and we will quickly put you in touch with the junior developers in our network best suited to your needs. Since we follow a no-cure, no-pay policy at Right People Group, you are welcome to choose among our contractors at no initial cost to your business.