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FoxPro consultants offer expert FoxPro programming support

FoxPro consultants have solid knowledge of Microsoft’s programming language and RDBMS FoxPro. These professionals can assist with all aspects of FoxPro development, debugging, and design.

FoxPro consultants for your organisation

FoxPro consultants and developers have experience with FoxPro programming along with other technical skills. In addition, many of these consultants have knowledge ofVisual FoxPro and experience with development languages such as Java, .Net, and so on.

Our FoxPro consultants have supported businesses with:

  • FoxPro code modifications, maintenance, upgrades, and updates
  • debugging and creating solutions
  • deploying and updating software
  • writing and executing deployment scripts
  • collaboration with technical team members

If your project calls for a FoxPro developer with additional specialised knowledge or expertise, we will gladly match you with a professional with the right skills to meet your needs.

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Since 2007, the consultancy Right People Group has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to organisations both large and small. We deliver FoxPro consultants to companies throughout Europe and the US. Our experienced consultants can either be delivered onsite or work in a remote positions – for however long you require their services.

Our high rate of repeat customers speaks to our mission to always quickly and efficiently deliver high quality consultants who offer their services at competitive rates. Unlike many of our competitors, we have created an organisational model which will match you with your own consultant manager. Your consultant manager will oversee all aspects of the project, from establishing your needs, to taking over recruitment, to drafting the contract. They will also act as your personal contact during the entire process. Therefore, we are able to deliver smooth communication along with the hard skills provided by our FoxPro consultants.

If you are looking for an experienced FoxPro developer, please get in touch to see what specific profiles we can offer at no obligation.

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