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They are a bit of a multi-functional consultant business. One can ask for almost any competency requirements, and they will quickly come with a bid of someone who is an expert in the field, and who can start immediately. Furthermore one can be allowed to meet the person before making a deal. I am certain that they are in touch with the future model of manning projects with freelance specialists.
Christian Wang, Head of IT at UCL
Right People Group found a really strong project manager for our project, but there was a situation where he could not take our project on. Here they really showed their worth and came back quickly with a new consultant who was actually an even better fit for us. I want to state that we have been 110% satisfied with the consultants they have delivered – both on a professional level, but also truly on a personal level – so thanks for that.
Lone Stefansen, Department Head at The Royal Library
For several years, Right People Group has been an important partner for Synoptik and delivered freelance specialists within project management, software development and IT support. They have a deep understanding of the tasks and our business, which has ensured that the people they have supplied over the years have really made a big difference for us. If you are in need of freelance consultants, then contact Right People Group – they have my highest recommendation.
Mikkel Bro, IT Manager at Synoptik


We work with freelance consultants with core competencies in a variety of technologies and competence areas. Our main requirement is that you need to be an expert in your specialty area and always be prepared to go the extra mile to satisfy the customer.

It is without obligation to be included in our database or bid into our projects. We choose consultants independently from project to project. Our decision is based on which consultant we believe is best suited to the task, that is the consultant who can develop the best solution for the customer.

You can sign up and automatically receive relevant tasks, as soon as they are published, and see all the projects that are currently open.


My collaboration with Right People Group extends far back, and it’s been an absolute pleasure. They exhibit flexibility and are extremely competent at understanding what the specific task entails from the customers viewpoint.
They are not just salesmen, their expertise makes them the ambassadors that any freelance consultant would want in a partner.
Rene Matthiassen, Freelance network architect
For me, Right People Group has been an important source for new tasks. They know what areas I prefer to work with, and where I really can deliver quality work.
I think it’s great that they have high expectations, and I’m thrilled to be in their portfolio of consultants.
Kasper Neist, Specialist in frontend development
They are a trusted business partner for me. We have a common understanding of what it takes to create a success with a customer, and they understand both IT and business in depth ( … ) .
You can trust the people behind Right People Group, they are both honest and transparent with their business model.
Claus Jørgensen, Freelance management consultant og IT project manager


Right People Group believes in freelance consultants. We think that for the most talented people it is a fantastic way to have a fulfilling career by being constantly challenged, and by creating value for different companies.

We believe that a company should be a lean organization, staffed with permanent employees to perform needed functions and tasks, these employees should be complemented by staff performing temporary specialized tasks – freelance consultants.

It is in this intersection where Right People Group is located. We know the freelance market extremely well and have processes to staff any specialist task quickly. Therefore, when our customers require specialized skills, they use us to secure staff with the competencies they require from the freelance consultant market.