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Embedded software engineer

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    Embedded systems everywhere

    As consumers, people typically only recognize application software which enable different functionalities on our computers. However, embedded software is just as prominent in our daily lives and for this, the skills of an embedded software engineer are needed. We are surrounded by embedded systems: They are in our mobile phones, washing machine, cars, printers, GPS receivers etc. Each of these products has a processor, and each processor is associated with embedded software. If you need an embedded software engineer to work on new or existing embedded solutions, then you might be looking for one of the below consultants:

    Embedded software engineer for great embedded solutions

    Embedded software might be less obvious to see (compared to application software), but it is not less comprehensive to develop. In fact, an embedded software engineer needs to be experienced in working within the fixed requirements and capabilities of hardware for embedded software. The embedded developer you need should, therefore, be an expert in his field. Our recommendation: a contractor. Just give us a call and we will deliver the most suitable embedded software engineer.

    Get a free offer for an embedded software engineer for an onsite or remote position

    For over ten years, the recruitment agency Right People Group has successfully delivered hundreds of contractors to companies and businesses in the UK, US and across Europe. Depending on your needs, your mobile development expert can either work onsite or in a remote capacity.

    Our high rate of returning customers speaks to our commitment to always quickly deliver professional consultants at a competitive price. However, part of our success is also due to our unique organizational model: One single consultant manager oversees every aspect of your project and handles any questions that may arise along the way. This means no information is ever lost in the hand-over and we offer both the hard and soft skills that are essential to a great project team.

    Please get in touch and we will send you a free offer for an embedded software engineer with the right background for your particular needs.

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    Henrik is always open to discuss your specific needs. He can quickly give you an accurate picture of the solution we can deliver to meet your needs.

    Satisfied customers


    “Our needs were very specific and we expected that they would be difficult to solve. Yet, shortly after we contacted Right People they delivered a top consultant at a fair price. It has worked perfectly.”

    Tue Ansvig, Head of Department, eBay

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