Big data architect

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Well-architected data management systems

A Big Data architect is in charge of architecting a company’s Big Data systems. A good Big Data architect has a strong background in data management and collaborates well with others.

Your Big Data architect in action

Big Data architects support businesses with creating data management systems. If you are looking to hire an expert in Big Data architecture, we have many contractors in our network who can start right away—in either an onsite or remote capacity.

Our Big Data architects have successfully delivered on tasks for many of our clients, including:

  • overseeing analytics projects and data warehousing
  • using and advising on database and analytical technologies
  • designing and developing web-based applications
  • developing data models for use in database structures
  • leading data architecture and quality assurance
  • collaborating with technical staff

Our contractors have experienced with various Big Data technologies—for example, AWS Redshift, Hadoop, Google Big Query—as well as a strong knowledge of data warehousing disciplines. We can also provide professionals with additional technical understanding or expertise in ETL and SQL, depending on your own particular requirements.

Reasons to hire a Big Data architect on a contract basis

These days, we have seen businesses dealing with increasingly massive amounts of data, a trend which is likely to increase even more in the future. Therefore, many of our clients choose to hire our Big Data architects on a contract basis when they need timely expertise or additional support for a limited period.

Our contractors have offered strategic data management solutions to many organisations, and you will benefit from the knowledge they bring with them. Skilled collaborators, these professionals will work effectively with your IT staff and deliver top results from day one.

Please let us know more about your needs at this time. We will then send you a free offer for a perfectly matching Big Data architects from our network who can be placed as a contractor in your business on a flexible basis for however long you require his services. At Right People Group, we follow a no-cure, no-pay policy, which means you can select among our highly skilled contractors at no upfront cost to your business.