How we choose consultants

When selecting a consultant, we know our customers want the best candidate for the job. It’s our job to deliver them.

To achieve this, we make as wide a search as possible of the contract market by using an anonymous job description. Although this might sound simple, you should keep in mind the contract market is huge. This selection process takes skill and experience, both of which we have worked hard to acquire. We mainly use the following methods:

  • Using our own segmented mailing lists with thousands of contractors
  • Searching our own database
  • Posting on a wide variety of portals as well as our own website
  • Sharing on LinkedIn on other social media and in fora
  • Proactive search on Linkedin using recruiter accounts with optimal reach 
  • Referrals from the consultants in our network. 
  • Identifying and using professional forums specific to the field of competence for the task

We then move forward to the selection process. We begin by looking through all the CVs of those who have bid on the assignment and select candidates who have the most solid formal qualifications and experience with regards to the customer’s expectations. But that’s not all: we also look for patterns indicating high performance, such as the length of the customer relationship, and whether or not customers use us for future assignments.

If we do not know the consultant well, we will then have a personal interview with him/her. We do this to cover a wide range of formal criteria we require from our consultants. We then use this new information and assessment and combine it with our knowledge of the customer to decide if we think the consultant is a top-performer and will be a sucessful match to the customer’s needs. But, rest assured, we are not a company which seeks to sell our consultant’s services at the highest possible price. It is our mission to act as our clients’ IT sourcing partner. By using a systematic and comprehensive approach to search the market, we seek to deliver a highly-qualified candidate at the right price.