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Benefits of choosing DB2

DB2 is a Relational Database Management System introduced by IBM. DB2 is designed to store, analyze and retrieve data efficiently. A report published by the International Technology Group (ITG) in the beginning of 2014 identifies several benefits of the DB2 10.5 over competing product offerings from Oracle, for example:

– Lower total operating cost of ownership (28-34 %)

– Faster deployment (57 days less, on average)

– Higher compression rates (12,6x vs. 7,3x)

– Less complexity (less than half DBAs needed)

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Whether your business values the benefits offered by DB2, you want to move to DB2 or you need a database administrator for your existing DB2 database – basically, no matter which database project or task related to DB2 – we can deliver an experienced and competent contractor that will fit your particular requirements. Contact us right away for a free offer on an experienced DB2 consultant!