Change Analyst

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Expert analysis with a change analyst

A change analyst is a professional involved in evaluating the change processes of any business. A good change analyst will work hard at helping system users adopt new systems, properly use their productivity as well as ensure change is effectively and satisfactorily carried out.

Your change analyst at work 

Change analyst are skilled at implementing and analysing change processes. We have seen our change analysts effectively assist our clients with such tasks as:

  • keep tracking of any change requests throughout the entire process from start to finish
  • liaising with colleagues to properly co-ordinate and implement change requests
  • managing any IT development processes linked to change requests
  • assisting in calculating costs of change requests
  • keeping management up-to-date on the progress of change requests and processes

Why hire a change analyst? 

Change analysts are experienced in effectively and quickly handling any change processes within a company. If you require the assistance of a change analyst, we have many highly skilled contractors in our network who can be placed in your business within a few days.

Because change processes may be temporary or project specific, many companies benefit from bringing in a change analyst consultant to meet their particular needs in a flexible manner. We carefully pre-screen all our change analysts, ensuring you receive a seasoned contractor with attractive rates.

Please let us know your current needs and we will quickly get in touch with the best match. At Right People Group we also stick to a no-cure, no-pay policy, which means you won’t pay for any of our services unless you decide to hire one of our change analysts.